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“Kirra is right up there with the likes of Marianne Williamson, Oprah and Brene brown.” – Kim, Canada

Most people sense that there is something bigger than themselves, connected to a greater purpose or dream, or bigness in themselves. That perhaps the world is missing something they can feel in their hearts or soul. Or, they’ve realized that no matter the accomplishments, it just never feels like the satisfaction lasts. There is always something else, or the “other shoe” always seems to drop.

To me it felt like, there just feels like there has got to be another way.

There is. That feeling telling me there was another way, I later discovered was Intuition. And it’s bigger than just manifesting a life you desire, or even finding something in this world that gives you purpose, although through intuition you’ll effortlessly manifest the life that you truly love.

The hard truth is that life is designed so that no matter how much you improve or better your life, it’ll never be enough. No one would even know they are missing that greatness if the feeling that something was missing was not there. It’s why when you accomplish a goal, the feeling doesn’t seem to last long. It’s also why when something you love falls away in your life, it seems like happiness will never be attained.

The possibility of living a life through intuition is about living the life of your soul’s desire, without fear, without the shackles of the past, without feeling that it’ll never be enough.

Intuition offers you a different way of living that puts aside survival mode and moves you to living in the flow, full of synchronicity and consistent “coincidences” where life becomes helpful to your entrepreneurial adventures, love interests, and decisions you make. It shows you how your 6th sense is real and effortlessly manifests the life you desire. Infinite possibilities become your world.

Intuition is your invitation to free yourself from the game of ups and downs, lack of meaning, trying to control, or a patterned life that some people call the Matrix.

This isn’t about learning more “strategies” or mantras that say, “I am enough.” It’s about actually feeling that you’re enough.

There is a possibility that’s bigger and the only thing you have to do is follow your inner guidance to take you on a journey. 

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The journey of living your potential is blocked by a few common things:

1) Deeply rooted conditioning & beliefs about yourself and your reality

–Have you ever noticed that one thing that will bother you doesn’t bother another person, but the same actions may be taken. Why is that?

–Have you ever noticed that even when you cut people out of your life, the same pattern persists, or even when you think you’ve “addressed” things in your relationships, they still come up in other ways

–Do you know that a study was done of successful women CEOs who 95% said they still didn’t believe in themselves, but just did it anyway?

–Have you ever said mantras and ever found they consistently worked?

IMAGINE HAVING CERTAINTY, not necessarily in your identity, but in that something bigger than yourself, which is yourself in your soul/intuition.


2) pain and judgment from past experiences

–Have you ever noticed how when you fix one area of your life, another area creeps up to fall apart?
–Have you ever noticed that your personal relationships often mirror themselves, aka marrying your father, and other reflections.

IMAGINE being free of your pain from the past by addressing and accepting it.

3) looking for accomplishment, or fulfillment and/or control of circumstances

–Have you ever noticed that no matter how much success or things you materially accumulate, that it’s never enough?
–Have you ever noticed that no matter the success, it leaves you feeling a bit empty?

IMAGINE feeling as though you are enough, not because you fix, improve or change your circumstances, just because you’re connected to YOU.

4) Not having an awareness of the bigger picture of this reality

–I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Maybe you don’t know yet what you don’t know.
–There is a bigger picture, and I can’t describe it to you in a page on a website.


 Most self-help and spirituality teaches the premise: “happiness is inside”, right?

But how do you do that? How do you live that?

What most people don’t realise is when they are trying to make their circumstances better, or shield themselves from “bad things” or hurt, they’re in survival mode, trying to control what happens, they’re actually robbing themselves of the opportunity to become whole and complete with themselves.

In the first phase of life, this is part of what you’re meant to experience: conditioning. In the second phase of life, let’s call it “living from flow”, it’s about using those same circumstances to FREE yourself.

Your reality isn’t what you think it is, and the people in your life aren’t who you think they are, and when you realize this, you become free to be yourself, and you free others in your reality to be themselves without expectation. And that’s when what you dream becomes your reality.

If you’re on the journey of freeing yourself, wanting to trust yourself, know yourself, want to live in the flow and be free to follow what you love, be UNLIMITED, and make your world beautiful in every way, I find there are PIVOTAL insights that supported me along the way that are a big part of #4, the awareness of the bigger picture of this reality.

If you’ve arrived on this page, if you’ve been drawn to the message I’m sharing, and you believe this journey is for you, book a strategy session with me.


  What we believe 


it’s not about outcomes or results, it’s more about the journey, and who I have to become to receive my manifestations


It’s not about trusting others, it’s about trusting that the experience is what’s meant for me to rise above into acceptance, or seeing a part of me I have not yet acknowledged


sometimes manifesting lack or limitation is about rising above fear, sometimes it’s showing me my beliefs, or how small and limited my thinking is


I have to accept all my past in order to move into freedom for what I love in my future. I take responsibility for how I feel, not blame others


no matter what happens in life, it’s happening for me, not to me, through me, life is me


Being, not doing, deciding from being will create the reality I love

“In the year that I have been engaged in this, I find myself more in the magical flow of life. Life has become a creative dynamic dance of unlimited possibility. It’s a way of life and it’s so much more fun to live this way—from love, connection, and fullness—rather than fear, doubt, or lack. I am so grateful to have dedicated myself to this work.”


Professional Ballet Dancer, CO

“My life will never be the same… I cannot recommend this highly enough.”


Artist, Washington, DC

“The session was quite amazing WOW!”



Infinite intuition

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